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Guggenheim Helsinki Museum

Fecha 2014
Tipo Proyecto


The construction of the Guggenheim in Helsinki is the opportunity to build a building ‘that reflects the spirit of an entire civilization. A building as a milestone to represent the Nordic citizen, its history and customs, its personality and identity. A building that locates, projects and amplifies its culture to the rest of the world, working simultaneously as a meeting place and host to other world cultures. An urban building where citizens are invited to rest, to reflect, to enjoy,  to entertain, to relate, to learn, to train, to work in… To do this, there is no better place than the one choosed, which has all the components required by the building to give a cultured and conscious response of the context in which it is located. The project idea is to synthesize the old port industrial look to the outside and provide it with the warm and cozy livability inside. Opposing aspects are compensated and define the Nordic essence, spirit, experience and life.


An inviting architecture with the aim of becoming the great place to rest and enjoy the port of Hel- sinki is proposed. Facing intense large motley architectures and offer a great outdoor space for rest, a new square for the city. A new urban landmark exploiting the potential of the new museum, but with a large urban vocation is created. Additionally, the building becomes a communications infrastructure that connects the park


We understand not only the Guggenheim as a place to visit, but as an urban space that houses step activities. Citizens can freely enjoy their daily spaces without entering the museum. The idea of the roof of the building is to house a new high and protected from the wind to the delight of the views for pedestrians that either connects the park pedestrian street, city and port. This new urban space is conceived as a place of passage and stay, as it is ideal for hosting outdoor events in summer and as a rest area for the citizens of Helsinki. It is full of relaxation areas overlooking the sea and the city to enjoy the surroundings.


The building has a simple geometry based on the manufacturing methods of the old industrial port of Helsinki. It is a pure volume that we have cut and moved to generate natural light inlets to the showrooms yet to generate biased views of the city. The type of structure we use is inspired by wooden lattices ships and port shipyards seeking that roots itself in the area in which it is located.


The concept is to create space inside a narrow street that runs through the building as a double height hall and gives access to the various rooms that are located on the sides of the streets and taking a lot more height to give the exhibition spaces the relief that the works of avant-garde art demand. On the other hand the inside lane expands to several times along the route to give inputs zenith light soaking inside.


The structure is laminated Finnish style wooden boards. The power that has this structure is perceived both from the outside and inside spaces. The purpose is usually ample free airy rooms separated by powerful wood structures.


Materials to the outside are metal or stone materiales considering the cold winter of Helsinki and its natural wear because of the climatology. The street has a treated wood for outdoor where citizens can rest on a warmer material to avoid cooling due to heat absorption material.

Inside all the walls and ceilings are wood giving the interior warmth that requires a place like Helsinki, showing respect for the Nordic wood culture and traditions.



Arquitectos Javier Camacho; Mª Eugenia Maciá; Alejandro Postigo; Pablo Delgado
Colaboradores Álvaro Rivera