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Liget Budapest Hungarian House of Music

Fecha 2014
Tipo  Proyecto


The Idea

The idea of the Project is to reinterpretate the shape of a seashell as an instrument shape that also generates a acoustic augmentation of the music played on the top trough the park, like a wind instrument does. There are also references to the inner ear and its geometry.the shape is a sweep by an espiral curve with different sections that defines a continuous ribbon from the park to the top.

The enviroment

The enviroment of the building in the park with the big size trees that immerse the building into the forestal landscape, the big window on the top of the building watches the landscape over the trees giving the espectator  that incledible view . The lake behind the building is a recreational zone in winter , with the ice track , and the building  gives the posibility of seating outside to watch the people skating.


The full building is a geometrical effort of fusion of shapes.The geometry of the building startes with an espiral curve that generates an sloped and continuous plane for the full exibition path, and also a path straugth to the top of the building into the viewpoint on top. The section of the building increases from the down part to the top giving to the exibition path a continuous changing space, ending on the events hall with a big viewpoint inside.

The roof

The roof of the building is a continuous ribbon path that en don the viewpoint and generates  stands for music events on top. It is also a continuity with the park so the people can walk though the building just for fun or relax. It is a public space open to the park very usefull for a relaxing time or a small event.

The exibition

The exibition Works as a continuous plane that folds over itself to get  the full square metres of the program in a simple plane. The path is going upguards into the elevator to the top of the building in order to walk through the exibition downwards. The path finishes in the last floor where the temporary exibition in shown.




Arquitectos Javier Camacho; Mª Eugenia Maciá; Pablo Delgado; Alejandro Postigo