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Symphonic Concert Hall, Varsovia

Fecha 2010
Tipo  Proyecto
Notas A new covered square:

The emplacement is located in an urban consolidated area, with generous free and wooded spaces. The project tries to be sensitive to the current court between existing buildings. The proyect tries to minimize the constructed impact of the important demanded program. A great covered court is created, as foyer of the principal uses and as a flexible space that could be opened for the city. We aboid the habitual image of the new concert halls as opaque and closed buildings. We bet firmly for a building opened for the city and for his inhabitants. A place that generates urban life both in the moments of representations and in the rest of the time, across the possibilities of the new covered square and of the existence of Restaurants and shops linked to the world of the art and of the music. In addition the great covered square, a desirable continuity generates with the exterior street, which makes his use possible as urban covered space, place of foyer before the entry of the spectacles, enclosed space of programming exhibition and congresses.

Three solid  and one skin:

The building tries across his expressive qualities to generate the necessary representation demanded. This way the building is conceived as three big sculptural volumes shaped as big stones beached in an environment allegedly neutral wrapped by a delicate skin of glass.

The solution of glass skin, between the metallic structure generates a spectacular translucency in the night, insinuating the interior volumes between the life of the night spectacles. The final form of the building arises from the internal logic of the wrapped volumes, bending to the programmatical needs of the interior uses. The solution of court stands out perimetral, in the meeting of the skin with the paved square, generating a few conditions of major habitability to the numerous uses of the basement, they providing with lighting and natural ventilation simultaneously that turning out to be an interesting formal levity of the constructed perimeter.



INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION for the Symphonic Concert Hall of Warsaw, Poland
Arquitectos Javier Camacho; Mª Eugenia Maciá
Colaboradores María Navascués